Gannaway Law, PLLC


Professional, Honest and Kind

Mary just finished my divorce with a bang! She is up most professional and honest. I always knew what was going on with my case. My calls where returned in less than 24 hours. She was always able to answer my questions and prepare me for our hearings. I always knew what to expect and was never thrown off guard. We had a great outcome and that is all thanks to her! I would and will always refer clients to her.
- Ashley, a divorce client

So glad to have her in my corner!

Ms. Gannaway assisted me with my family case. My ex is very difficult and wouldn't agree to reasonable terms. Ms. Gannaway was able to negotiate an agreement between us that I didn't think could happen. Our kids' lives are better for having Ms. Gannaway handle my case. She was creative, honest, aggressive and I trusted her to look out for me and my kids' interests. Very good experience and will go back to her for any legal issue I have in the future.
- Family law client

Looking for a great attorney ....... Highly recommended

Mary Gannaway was extremely professional on every level. She was always orginized and knew my case inside and out everytime I had a question. She is very honest and fair, I never felt like she treated me as another case. She always treated me like a person and truly cared about me and did everything she could to protect me from my emotions.
- Wesley, a divorce client,

A God send in a difficult time

Mary Gannaway was literally a God send to me and my family during our case. While our case is still ongoing, the progress that has been made has been tremendous and we have Ms. Gannaway to thank for that. From the moment that we first hired her almost 9 months ago to now, she has fought for what is right. She has a no-nonsense attitude towards doing what is best for her clients. The most important thing to me is her commitment to the children involved in the custody case process and ensuring they get what is in their best interests. Our case has been difficult to say the least, involving an uncooperative other party, multi-state orders, and many difficult twists and turns. The worst part was I was being unfairly denied any form of contact with my child by the other party. She was the first attorney we had that was able to actually get my rights as a father enforced. She has worked with us to ensure our wishes were being heard, that our priorities were her priorities. Ms. Gannaway has offered us more than just a legal service. We truly believe that she cares as much about the outcome of the case as we do, which is well beyond the typical "I won/they lost" attitude many other lawyers we have encountered seem to have. While it may seem to take a while to get things done in the court system, Ms. Gannaway keeps you informed and communicates any delays or progressions that are made in a timely manner. She explains the process and the estimated time lines for motions and orders. She always gives you the honest assessment of the situation and gives you realistic expectations and not just a fancy, spun fairy tale that will not actually come true. I speak for myself and my entire family in saying that we would recommend Mary Gannaway's services to anyone who is going through a divorce/child custody case. I would especially recommend her to anyone who finds themselves in a situation/case in which you feel utterly lost or helpless due to how difficult it is. She can honestly get you some relief and she truly has your back through this difficult time.
- William, a child custody client,

Highly competent, professional, thorough and motivated yet personable and caring

. . . all the things I want in an attorney I found in Mary Gannaway. Eleven years of frustration and bad experiences from the legal community had left me leary and weary of attorneys and the system. Mary's approach and dedication is refreshing and has restored my belief that there are attorneys that care and will treat their clients with respect and compassion. Had Mary been my attorney from the beginning, I believe the outcome of my situation would've been far better and most certainly shorter. I most highly recommend Mary Gannaway.

Giving Ms. Gannaway an excellent rating in all areas may seem over-the-top and possibly a padded response, however, this has been my experience with her as my attorney. I have been involved a long drawn out divorce/child custody battle that has required off and on legal assistance for more than 11 years. Prior to Mary, I have experienced a great deal of frustration and uncertainty at the hands of my previous attorneys and parent coordinator. However, Mary has been remarkable; taking the time to keep me informed, helping me understand each step in the process, being timely with all her actions and responses, aggressive and tough when necessary and charging a fair rate are just a few of the reasons I would highly recommend Mary Gannaway.
- Tami T.

Knowlegable, Friendly, & most of all Responsive!

Not only would I recomend Mary, I already have! Mary is very forthright about every aspect of your case. She is one of the most prepared Lawyers I have ever met. Mary handled my case with, what seemed to me, to be the utmost care and attention. She isn't someone that will take your case and have you wondering what is happening with your case or what she is doing. She's busy, but that is because she is good. She and her staff were absolutely proffessional and personable. Her staff is just as prepared and driven as she is. You will not find a better Lawyer anywhere guaranteed!

- Dan, a Child Custody client

Awesome Attorney

Mary Gannaway is a amazing attorney...she works for her client...and is very informative .... she made sure the judge was aware of issues and everyone was on the same page.

- Child Custody client

Honest, Upfront and Aggressive!

I hired Mary for my divorce. She spoke with me on the phone, which no other lawyer I called would do, and told me important information for my issue. She then gave me a free consultation that lasted over an hour! She always gave me plenty of notice for court hearings and kept me up to date on my case. She took the time to explain every step before it happened, which relieved my stress and anxiety greatly. We ended up winning on all the issues important to me. I would definitely hire her again.

- Ashley

Highly Recommend

I have retained Mary Gannaway for a couple of issues. She was very thorough and good at explaining what was going to happen or what she needed from me.

- Kenneth

Great Lawyer, Great Person!

Needing lawyer for divorce and custody, I looked on Avvo for someone that was both local and highly rated. That is where I found Mary. Having great reviews and being close, I decided to give her a call and scheduled a consultation. After that first visit I knew she was the right lawyer. Her knowledge and professionalism impressed me, but her genuine interest in her clients well-being as a whole is what won me over. She would make sure and ask how I was doing personally and if I needed help with anything every time we would talk. She made sure to clearly articulate all the laws concerning divorce and custody and with each step asked me what I thought and how I wanted to proceed. Mary represented me and my interests the best I could have hoped for and I would highly recommend her.

- Jimmie

She's a real pro!

Mary has represented me since 2012. Through 4 years of custody disputes! She has always been there for me, day or night. She truly cares about me and my son and our future. her knowledge surrounding custody and divorce is extensive! Her prices are fair. If Mary Gannaway is your attorney you will rest assured that you are represented by someone who really cares and is working to make sure you are confident in decisions and outcomes! She is amazing.

- Tara

Amazing and professional

Mary is by far a very excellent attorney and I'm so blessed that we found her. She went above and beyond for us during stressful times and I couldn't be more happy with her work.

- Jimmy and Kim

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