Gannaway Law, PLLC

Small Claims

Forcible Entry and Detainer: A Forcible Entry and Detainer is an action that a landlord, or a new property owner can take if the existing occupant refuses to leave after appropriate notice. This occupant could be either a tenant or original owner of property that was sold at a foreclosure or trustee’s sale.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes: Landlord/tenant disputes can threaten the bottom line of either party. As a landlord, damaged property and the loss of rental income can strain finances. As a tenant, landlord failure to maintain property or honor contracts can threaten a business or violate the rights of a residential tenant.

Collections: Many individuals and businesses have experienced the frustration of attempting to collect monies owed from other individuals or businesses. Many of these attempts are unsuccessful and go unpaid. We will assist you in recovering debts that are considered small claims ($6,000 or less) due to breach of contract, landlord/tenant situations, etc.